Visit our Avocado Museum and
Ethnobotanical Garden

Reservation is Necessary

Educational Visits

We offer thematic visits or day courses to groups of students (up to 40) including high school, college or any group aiming to learn about the topics that we offer.

The day program is previously prepared and agreed with the teacher/tour leader. Practical workshops are usually included.

The level in which the topic is treated depends on the group. Our instructors are highly qualified.

Meals and refreshments are optionally offered.

By Reservation Only

We arrange your visit according to your interests and time.

Topics for thematic visits or day courses:

  1. Andean dry forest:
    a. Ecology, biodiversity, adaptations of the flora and fauna.
    b. Birds: diversity, ecological niches, interactions with other organisms and humans.
    c. Useful plants: Ethnobotany, plant-human interactions in Andean dry valleys.

  2. Sustainable agriculture: agroforestry, agrobiodiversity, permaculture.

  3. Use and processing of cultivated plants. The routes of avocado, coffee, tannin tree, agaves and Aloe vera.

  4. Ethnobotanical garden of Andean fruits. Plant and cultural conservation based in rescuing local fruits and their applications. List of fruits cultivated at Hacienda Verde: Open Document (pdf)

  5. Medicinal plants and traditional medicine: Andean cosmovision, wild and cultivated medicinal plants. Plant collection and preparations. For a list of medicinal plants that we can learn about during the hikes: Open Document (pdf).

  6. The middle of the world: Implications of being in the middle of the world. Historical and cultural importance.
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