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Fruits of the Equatorial Andes

Our goal is to increase the collection of Andean fruits for our Ethnobotanical garden with emphasis in endemic and threatened species so as to recuperate the fruit culture of the Andes region.

For this we plan to visit the interandean valleys of Ecuador such as: Chota (Imbabura) and Guayllabamba (Pichincha) in the North; Patate (Tungurahua) y Chanchá n (Chimborazo) in the center and Yungilla-Jubones, Susedel (Azuay), Giró n-Paute (Azuay y Loja), Catamayo, Malacatos and Vilcabamba (Loja) - in the South.

These trips will allow us to create a network of home fruit gardens to exchange information and foment cultural cohesion and agroturism. We seek to increase the body of knowledge of propagation through a research program in collaboration with local universities.

We aim to reach the biggest possible audience through a program of interactive education, promotion and events.