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Ecuador Guiding Services

Let Fabian will guide you through the amazing and unique ecosystems of South America.

He offers tours to the Galapagos Island, Ecuadorian Amazon Rain forest, and one of the last remnants of unique primary Andean Dry Forest. He is known for his "eight ecosystems in eight days" tour.

He will help you design a custom itinerary for your small group for a quality and memorable experience while keeping your comfort and needs in mind.

Fabian Bucheli is an experienced naturalist and guide having worked over 30 years in the tourism and guiding industry with many reputable tour companies. He currently lives and maintains an agroforestry systems in an Andean Dry Forest buffer zone. The property, Hacienda Verde, is located at latitude 0, where the Southern hemisphere is protected forest and the Northern hemisphere is cultivated land.

Guiding Services

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We arrange your visit according to your interests and time.